Our Speaker

Alexandra Stanley

After watching her mom battle cancer for most of her life with an unshakable faith, Alexandra is now ready to start sharing her own faith journey with other young women. She is the oldest of six children, and at the young age of 23 has gone through the pain of losing her mom just three years ago. She’s wise beyond her years and believes she has a lot to offer other young women from her life’s own pain and sorrows. She’s a recent graduate of UNC Chapel Hill and is now enjoying her first job after college while living on her own for the first time, in the fun city of Charlotte. She has enjoyed spending time with her friends while being close to her family as well. This transition period has given her time to dive into things she is truly passionate about. Most importantly, she is growing in her faith and trusting that God will show her his plan. Alexandra hopes that, through her own experiences, she can help other young women realize they are not alone. Young women in our world today face similar challenges, and we must learn to trust those who are there to support us, and listen to God’s plan for us.

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